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"Devoted to Dogs"
awarded Best Instructional
Column of 2008 by Virginia
Press Womens Association.
The book won third place in
the National Press Womens
Association contest!

Sarah Ferrell won
Hartz Award at 2007
Dog Writers' Association
of America banquet

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book cover

Devoted to Dogs:
How to be Your Dog's Best Owner, 1st Edition
(Trade Paperback)

by Sarah A. Ferrell, award-winning dog author (more)
Price: $19.95

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Availability: Yes
Pages: 624
ISBN: 0-9788062-0-4

Picture Selection and Credits
(Click on photo for larger view)

"Devoted To Dogs: How To Be Your Dog's Best Owner", thanks the 200+ contributors of dog faces who are found within the pages of this book. Here are just a few of the dogs (and cats) readers will find, waiting to tell their stories of training, the ways their humans find to celebrate their lives with them, and the accounts of dogs whose hearts are as big as their devotion to their humans is deep. Thank you all, for your pictures and your stories.

All photographs in this book were taken by Sarah A. Ferrell, except for those gratefully acknowledged below:

Ashbey Photgraphy
Dr. Sheri Bakerian and Dr. Ilene Terrell
Mary Susan Billingsley
Dennis Kennedy Black
Marge Brandel
Courtesy of Phyllis Broderick
Carol Callahan
Crystal Callovitch
Neal Campbell
Amber Carpenter
Ann de Matteo
Dr. Pam Fandrich
Robert Lee Ferrell
Sandra Fischer
Marc Gemis and Tinne van Hooydonk
Courtesy of Shelby Lynn Goldsmith
Maureen and Steve Greenwood
Sheri Harding
Sheri Hayden
Cindy Heuer
Dr. Terri Horton and Jeff Smith
Tracey Johnston
Kim Kuhlman. Courtesy of Marti Nickoli
Andi Leonarkis
Kim and Larry Loveless
Anne-Sophie Marchal
Andrew McAfee
Elaine McSchulskis
Jean Rae
Maureen Redmond
Henriette Schmidt
Rebecca and Eddie Shelton
Southpaws Veterinary Referral Center
Yvonne Stickleman
Tony Vallone
Terry Tolley
Margot McBrayer Wagner
Robert Young. Courtesy of Marti Nickoli
Lynn Winchester and Anne Hutchinson
springer spaniel mother and pup Corgi in snow
Pug face Digging in pot Dog and child
The King Poodle Michael Horton bernese and dachsund
Black Lab nose 3 cavalier spaniels Bearded collies at christmas
Whippets in field Old Lab Child and dog at beach
Puppy and teddy bear Mother with her pups
Basset hound Jack Russell Terrier Pharoah hounds
pekingese stepping stones poodle at tea
obedience ring acupuncture for dogs agility ring
road dawgs 2 dogs and a stick Possum
Beardie at beach Shih Tzu Beagle

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