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"Devoted to Dogs"
awarded Best Instructional
Column of 2008 by Virginia
Press Womens Association.
The book won third place in
the National Press Womens
Association contest!

Sarah Ferrell won
Hartz Award at 2007
Dog Writers' Association
of America banquet

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Book Cover

Devoted to Dogs:
How to be Your Dog's Best Owner, 1st Edition
(Trade Paperback)

by Sarah A. Ferrell, award-winning dog author (more)
Price: $19.95

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Availability: Yes
Pages: 624
ISBN: 0-9788062-0-4

Praise for Sarah Ferrell and Devoted to Dogs

For years, Sarah Ferrell’s award winning newspaper column has extolled the virtues and rewards of dog-friendly dog training. Her first book—Devoted to Dogs—is long overdue. She teaches us to respect dogs as dogs, to give them an education, yet to revel in the nuances of their individuality, their undying loyalty, and their inimitable camaraderie. Devoted to Dogs positively shines with Sarah’s esteem for the canine spirit. Her message will no doubt enhance countless people-dog relationships and improve the lives of dogs and their human companions.
Dr. Ian Dunbar 
Founder of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Author,Before & After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy & Well-Behaved Dog”

Sarah has crafted a motivating, humane and highly informative book for everyone who shares life with dogs, or is considering it. It's a great portal for insight about the relationships between them.
William E. Campbell
 Author of “Behavior Problems in Dogs”
and “The New Better Behavior in Dogs”

In this book Sarah Ferrell shows us that the human-dog relationship has two sides.  She explores the deep inter-dependence that exists between the canine and human partners and helps us to better understand why things go right and wrong.   With humor, compassion and understanding Ms. Ferrell’s writing shows that she really “gets it”.  What most of us call training she shows us is just good communication skills.  When you make your desires known in the appropriate way you will get positive results.  As a practitioner of Holistic Medicine I appreciate her “Holistic” approach to everything she writes about from commentary on available medical services to letting our old friends go when the time is right.  I highly recommend this book to everyone and recommend that you give a copy to everyone you know, especially those that thought they weren’t dog lovers.
Jordan Kocen, DVM, MS
Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist,
Department of Holistic Medicine,
SouthPaws Veterinary Specialists

Sarah Ferrell’s delightful columns draw on her knowledge, expertise, and off-kilter sense of humor to instruct and amuse us. Reading her work is like talking with a good friend who knows a lot about dogs, and loves them as much as you do.
Bronwyn Taggart
Columns Editor, AKC GAZETTE magazine

Sarah must have been a dog in another life because she has such extraordinary insight into the canine mind. Her sensitivity, respect and joyous love for dogs shines through in every word she writes. Her longtime "Devoted to Dogs" column in The Free Lance-Star--filled with dog psychology, training tips and gentle humor--is a howling success with readers.
Gwen Woolf, Town & County magazine editor,
The Free Lance-Star newspaper, Fredericksburg, Va

For a fun, frolicking, free-wheeling visit into the mind of a dog, you can’t do better than these essays by Sarah Ferrell. At turns hilarious and heartfelt, Ferrell is always insightful about not just our beloved companions, but also about those of us who are lucky enough – and sometimes crazy enough – to have dogs in our lives. If you love dogs, own a dog, or even just admire them from a distance, you are guaranteed to enjoy Ferrell’s wit and wisdom in Devoted to Dogs
Elaine Fox
Author, USA Today bestseller, "Guys & Dogs"

Sarah Ferrell's words of wisdom provide a warm welcome to new fanciers and owners.  They also bring warm memories to long-time dog owners.  Make no mistake, this book will help you avoid mistakes!
Chris Walkowicz
AKC judge
Dog Writer’s of America President Emeritus,
Author, “Choosing a Dog for Dummies”

Sarah Ferrell takes us into the heart and soul of the dog.  Her understanding of this beloved companion is uncanny.  We will never again look at our canine friend in the same way after reading this remarkable book. "Devoted To Dogs" takes us on an intimate journey into the hearts and minds of our most beloved companions with humor and compassion.  Be prepared though;  she takes a few jabs at our own behavior with regards to these gentle souls.   This book is as much about human behavior as it is about dog behavior.    The reader will be entertained, enlightened, and humbled.
Dr. Terri Horton, Veterinarian

Although I live 3000 miles away from the newspaper where Sarah Ferrell's work is published, I have enjoyed reading her work each year in the Dog Writers of America writing contest; a contest she has won more than once. "Devoted to Dogs" is a 'must read' for all dog owners. You will appreciate Ferrell's knowledge, devotion and empathy for dogs and their owners
Liz Palika
Author ,"The KISS Guide to Raising a Puppy"
and "The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook"

For over twenty years Sarah Ferrell has used her wit and wisdom to counsel my clients to be better dog owners. Now in "Devoted To Dogs" she shares her insights with everyone who has or ever will have a dog in their life. Often humorous, always insightful and honest, her approach to training dogs is to train their owners. She provides a window into the heart and soul of our beloved companions. This book will captivate and motivate all dog lovers.
Dr. Sheri Bakerian
Fredericksburg Animal Hospital


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