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Abroham Picture

Fredericksburg Dog Festival
October 4th
12:30-3:30 PM
Hurkamp Park
Fredericksburg, VA
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"Devoted to Dogs"
awarded Best Instructional
Column of 2008 by Virginia
Press Womens Association.
The book won third place in
the National Press Womens
Association contest!

Sarah Ferrell won
Hartz Award at 2007
Dog Writers' Association
of America banquet

Dog Manners Winter
2008 schedule now
available. Click on
Classes above.

Order your copy of Sarah Ferrell's new book now.

Order your copy using Paypal on this website.
You can order using credit cards without having a Paypal account, if desired

To pay with check or money order, print your order and mail it with payment to:
Abroham Neal Publishing
POB 1111
Locust Grove, VA

$2.00 off 6-7 copies
$4.00 off 8-10 copies
$6.00 off 11 or more


Beautiful Jewelry for Pet Lovers Everywhere

Lucky Word Jewels Collection

Contact us for ordering (

Lucky Words Jewels

Let's face it: dog lovers who compete in dog sports have heads and hearts filled with hopes, dreams, positive affirmations and just a few superstitions. Most of us admit to hoping for a bit of extra luck.

Our line of 'Say It In Beads' jewelry receives many orders asking for ways to celebrate:
* performance accomplishments
* dreams of days of working as one in the ring with a happy dog
* offers of encouragement to keep training with joy and patience

To respond gatefuilly to that demand for our creations, we now offer ' Lucky Words Jewels.' Our selection changes weekly. We welcome custom orders and suggestions for affirmations, aphorisms and words that lift the spirits of dog lovers and dog sport competitors.

Let us create a one of a kind Lucky Words bracelet for you or a dear friend. Celebrate the little things. One day you will look back and the little things will be the big things. Savor the day, remember the win, celebrate teamwork with a great dog, or the accomplishment of a friend with a Lucky Words bracelet.


In Stock Lucky Words Stretch Bracelets:
$16.95 + (tax and shipping)

Custom Lucky Words Stretch Bracelets:
(You choose the words or sayings for your Lucky Word bracelet.)
$29.95 + (tax and shipping)


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